This theme is called "Strange Little Town," isn't it adorable? I feel like changing themes is like changing shoes, and these are my cute going out shoes.

There is nothing in particular on this site, it only links to small personal sites I run, and perhaps, perhaps! I will make some comments on drupal or run the RSS feeds from the other sites to here, so if you want to see everything I'm doing, here is the place to be.

Why Drupal? I'm often asked that, actually, usually when I complain too much. My first CMS was PhpNuke, but when I switched over to Drupal, there was such a feeling of freedom! Drupal takes leaps and bounds with every upgrade, and I see more and more potential every time. Quite often it's tiresome, but I've come to know and trust the people behind it. I'm not a programmer, so it's even harder for me, but the challenges are yet another nicety.

May 28, 2010